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  • Neil Walker

Lab Automation

The introduction of large-scale remote working over the past 15 months has fundamentally shifted working practices for many organizations and their employees.

And as pandemic-related restrictions are lifted, many employers are announcing plans for hybrid working arrangements, where an employee may split their working time between the office and their home.

However, for those that run test labs for functional, regression and performance testing, the situation is not as straightforward.

While a lab environment is the perfect place to test new applications, operating systems, and hardware before they’re placed into production, the requirement to manually route the connections between computers, switches, and hardware to set-up each new test environment means that the lab administrator must be available on-site to make these changes.

And with the introduction of DevOps across many organisations with its shorter development and release cycles, and continuous integration and continuous delivery process, the overhead and potential human error in the manual and mundane steps of re-routing connections, is leading many businesses to ask, “how do we simplify and make more productive the lab environment?”

Pluribus Test Lab Automation

This is exactly where Pluribus Networks’ VirtualWire technology for test lab automation can help.

Pluribus VirtualWire is a software-defined, flexible, and highly scalable non-blocking layer 1 switching matrix that can be managed remotely 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

The solution is powered by the Pluribus Netvisor® ONE OS and is unique in that it uses very cost-effective, high-performance open networking Ethernet switches, instead of expensive proprietary layer 1 switches.

The installation of VirtualWire is straightforward and, once deployed, all DUTs (devices under test) and test tools are connected to the fabric, and the layer 1 topology is now under software control.

The lab is effectively cabled once and can now be dynamically reconfigured in software from anywhere in the world via the Pluribus UNUM management platform, REST APIs, CLI or with orchestration partners like Quali.

Enabling test lab automation with VirtualWire provides an organization with the opportunity to test devices, applications, and services faster, and to establish 24/7 operations from anywhere in the world. Test lab automation can greatly accelerate test procedures and deliver efficiencies within both DevOps and agile development environments.

To learn more about VirtualWire visit our Test Lab Automation solution webpage, or contact us at to get an overview and demo of our partner Pluribus Networks’ highly innovative approach to test lab automation.

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