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ScaleIL and Cylance® Ink OEM Agreement to Add Predictive Cyber Threat

Blocking Capabilities to ScaleIL’s Solutions

May 07, 2018 – ScaleIL and Cylance Inc. have signed an agreement enabling ScaleIL to offer the Cylance OEM Engine to the Israeli network, security and technology industries. The Cylance technology will add artificial intelligence‐driven, pre‐execution threat prevention to ScaleIL’s lineup of solutions to deliver a powerful combination of innovative security technologies.


“ScaleIL is excited to partner with Cylance in the Israeli market. Cylance’s innovative products and vision are well‐aligned with our commitment to provide our customers with best-in-class technologies that will help them grow. Cylance solutions are clearly a game-changer in the world of threat prevention, raising the bar in terms of both speed and accuracy to an unparalleled level. We look forward to extending the value we provide to our customers using Cylance technology,” said Amir Erez, VP Sales and Business Development at ScaleIL.


ScaleIL’s reach into the OEM security market for Israel is unique. Through this agreement, Cylance will provide local support to business opportunities in Israel. The Cylance OEM Engine will provide an advanced level of threat prevention beyond the signature‐based antivirus pattern‐matching technology currently used by many OEM’s in Israel. 


“At Cylance, we’re dedicated to delivering artificial intelligence/machine learning analysis of cyber threats wherever possible, since current technology is unable to keep up with today’s attacks. As a premier OEM partner, ScaleIL’s reach to customer platforms and processes is a natural fit,” said Abigail Maines, Vice President of Business Development at Cylance. “Now, ScaleIL customers can proactively block targeted attacks using Cylance’s AI-based technology as part of a comprehensive, integrated solution that’s been proven around the world.”


About the Cylance OEM Engine

Cylance OEM Engine is an embeddable threat prevention technology that uses Cylance’s machine learning and artificial intelligence models to classify files as good or bad by correlating them with the features found in millions of good and bad samples. The models detect even zero‐day and previously unknown threats not in the original training set. Instead of using manually‐created signatures, the Cylance OEM Engine computes a “confidence score” for every sample it processes.


About ScaleIL

ScaleIL is an Israeli Value Added Reseller focused on the Embedded market, serving the Networking, Cyber security, Automotive and Defense industries. The company provides technical support, training and consulting services using a team of experienced software developers and system architects. ScaleIL’s mission statement is to learn and understand its customers’ needs and challenges in order to advise on the right solution, technology and Know-how required to meet their business goals. We strongly believe in trust and personal relationships as the main driver for conducting business and promoting innovation.

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